Rapid Prototyping, Development
 and Evaluation Program
A joint Defence-Industry initiative

How to participate in the RPDE Program

The RPDE Program is an inclusive program with participation based only on the ability of applicants to meet the membership criteria. It is not competitive and there is no associated cost or fee.

Applications to participate in the RPDE Program are assessed by a Membership Committee drawn from the RPDE Board. The Committee recommendation is then directed to the Board for ratification. Once the Board has accepted a membership recommendation the applicant will be advised in writing and the Relationship Agreement and Standing Offer will become binding to both parties.

Application to join the RPDE Program

The Application Pack is available in the ‘Publications’ area of this website and consists of the following documents:

· RPDE Application to Participate,

· RPDE 2016 Relationship Agreement,

· RPDE Standing Offer, and

· RPDE Policy documents.

The Relationship Agreement defines the obligations between the parties. The Standing Offer provides the mechanism for the Commonwealth to acquire services from members. The policy documents define the operational processes of the program.

It is important the evidence provided in the Application to Participate clearly demonstrates how the skills and expertise of the applicant’s people and organisation will contribute to the RPDE program. When assessing applications, RPDE will look for clear and definitive examples or evidence and may discount vague or sweeping statements. Applicants are required to submit the completed Application Pack by email to commercial@rpde.org.au. Please ensure you retain a copy of the signed Relationship Agreement and Standing Offer for your records.

RPDE will confirm receipt of your Application Pack. The Commonwealth will only use the information obtained from applications to determine the eligibility of applicants to join the RPDE Program. Please direct all queries to commercial@rpde.org.au.


RPDE Member Participants
Kallista Consultingaadi Defence Pty Ltd
AAM GroupAbacus Innovations Australia Pty Ltd t/a Leidos as at 17/08/16
ABB Enterprise Software Pty LtdAcacia Research Pty Ltd
Accenture Australia Holdings Pty LtdAcoustic Force
Adelaide Research & Innovation (acting for The University of Adelaide)Aerosonde Pty Ltd
Agent Oriented Software Pty LtdAgustaWestland Australia Pty Ltd
Airbus Group AustraliaAirspeed Pty Ltd
AMW Professional Services Pty LtdarchTIS Pty Ltd
Artis Group Pty LtdASC Pty Ltd
ASG Group Ltd Associated Electronic Services Pty Ltd
Atamo Pty LtdAtos (Australia) Pty Ltd
ATSA Defence Services Pty LtdAudio Visual Imagenation Pty Ltd (AVI)
Aurecon Australia Pty LtdAustal Ships
Australian National University (ANU)AVAXA Pty Ltd
Babcock Pty LtdBAE Systems Applied Intelligence Pty Limited
BAE Systems Australia LimitedBCT Solutions Pty Ltd
Beca Consultants Pty Ltd (Australia)Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd
Benelec Pty LtdBerkeley Information Technology Pty Ltd
Blue Glue Pty LtdBMT Design and Technology Pty Ltd
Boeing Defence AustraliaBrennan Advisory Pty Ltd
CAE Australia Pty LtdCalibre CPS Pty Ltd
Calytrix Technologies Pty LtdCapgemini Australia Pty Ltd
Capstoneblack Pty LtdCEA Technologies Pty Ltd
Charles Darwin UniversityChemring Australia Pty Ltd
Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems Pty LtdClarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Clearbox Systems Pty LtdCobham Aviations Services Australia
Codarra Advanced Systems Pty LtdCogent Business Solutions
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)Communications Design & Management Pty Limited (CDM)
Connexxion Pty LimitedConsilium Technology Pty Ltd
Consunet Pty LtdContext Information Security Ltd
Criterion Solutions Pty LtdCSC Australia Pty Ltd
Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd
Deakin UniversityDefence
Defence Communications Industry Pty LtdDEK Corporation Pty Ltd
Deloitte Touche TohmatsuDet Norske Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd Trading as DNV GL
DEWC Pty LtdDexata
Dialog Pty LtdDimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
Dioli Pty LtdEbor Computing Pty Ltd
Ecastle Pty LtdEcoThought Pty Ltd
Edith Cowan UniversityEggler Consulting Engineers
Elbit Systems of Australia Pty LtdelmTEK Pty Ltd
EM SolutionsEMC Solar Construction Pty Ltd
Enginium Pty LtdEntech Electronics Pty Ltd
Envista Pty LimitedErnst & Young
ESRI-Australia Pty LtdEssys
Etherstack Pty LtdExelis C4i
Fastwave CommunicationsFénix Consulting Services Pty Ltd
Fiomarine IndustriesFlight Data Systems Pty Ltd
Forgacs-Broens Pty LtdFrazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd
FREQUENTIS Australasia Pty LtdFrogtech Pty Ltd
Fujitsu Australia New Zealand (FANZ)Functional Directions Pty Ltd
Gasco Pty LtdGeneral Dynamics Land Systems Division
Geoplex Pty LtdGeospatial Intelligence (Solutions) Pty Ltd
GHDGIS People Pty Ltd
Grey Innovation Pty LtdGulanga Group Pty Ltd
H. I. Fraser Pty LtdHawker Pacific Pty Ltd
Holocentric Pty LtdHydrix Services Pty Ltd
IBM Australia LtdIDES - Integrated Design & Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd
ImmersaView Pty LtdInDepth Project Management
Innovation Science Pty LtdInovor Technologies Pty Ltd
Institute for Strategy and Complexity Management - AustraliaInternational Seal Company Australia Pty Ltd
Jacobs Australia Pty LimitedJayrow Systems
Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems Pty Ltd (JEDS) Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd (KBR)
Keystone Private Pty LtdKlepper Pty Ltd
KoBold Group Pty LimitedKPMG
Kul Technologies Pty LtdL-3 Communications Australia Pty Ltd
L-3 Communications Oceania Pty LimitedLange Consulting
LBE Technology Pty LtdLeadership Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
Learning Systems Analysis Pty LtdLISAsoft Pty Ltd
Locata Corporation Pty LtdLockheed Martin Australia Electronic Systems Pty Limited
Lockheed Martin Australia Pty LimitedMadry Technologies Pty Ltd
mbits Pty LtdMcGrathNicol + Partners
Mediaware International Pty LtdMelix Pty Ltd
Micreo LtdMicrosecure Corporation Pty Ltd
Microsoft Pty LtdMilitaryTech Pty Limited
Milskil Pty LtdMinelab Electronics Pty Ltd
National ICT Australia LimitedNorthrop Grumman Australia Pty Limited
Nova Defence Pty LtdNoventus Pty Ltd
Oakton Pty LtdOcean Software Pty Ltd
Omni Executive Pty LtdOptus Networks Pty Ltd
Orbital8 Pty LtdOrion Integration Pty Ltd
Pacific Aerospace Consulting Pty LtdPanther Games Pty Ltd
Partech Systems Pty LtdPenske Power Systems Pty Ltd
PricewaterhouseCoopers Project Outcomes Pty Ltd
QinetiQ Pty LtdQualtrics (QAL Technologies)
QUARTEK Pty LtdQueensland University of Technology
Quickstrike Defence and Aerospace Pty LtdRaptorSSC Pty Ltd
Ray Fry Investments Pty Ltd trading as Norship MarineRaytheon Australia Pty Ltd
Relegen Pty LtdRheinmetall Simulation Australia (RSA)
Rockwell Collins Australia Pty LimitedRPC Technologies Pty Ltd
Rutledge Engineering (Aust) Pty LtdSaab Australia Pty Ltd
Scratch Systems Sea Box International Pty Ltd
Security Centric Pty LtdSelex ES Australia Pty Ltd
Semantic Sciences Research Pty LtdSentient Vision Systems Pty Ltd
Shoal EngineeringSignal Processing Know-how Pty Ltd
Simbiant Pty LtdSimCentric Technologies Pty Ltd
Simplexity Communications Pty LtdSofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd
SoftWire Systems Pty LtdSolve Group Pty Ltd
Sonartech Atlas Pty LtdSouthTech Systems Pty Ltd
SPYRUS Pty LimitedSRA Information Technology Pty Ltd
Strategenics Pty LtdStrategic Engineering Pty Ltd
Supacat Pty LtdSYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd
SystemWare-Pacific Pty LtdTactical Research Pty Ltd
TasKey Pty LtdTech Knowledges Pty Ltd trading as AnitCom
Tectonica Australia Pty LtdTelstra Corporation Limited
Thacient Software Pty LtdThales Australia Limited
The Frame Group Pty LimitedThe Simulation Group Pty Ltd
The University of NewcastleThyssenkrupp Marine Systems Australia Pty Limited
Trang Imagineering Pty LtdUGL Engineering Pty Ltd
Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems Pty LimitedUniversity of New South Wales (ADFA)
University of SydneyUniversity of Wollongong
Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd Varley
VIPAC Engineers & Scientists LtdVIZIONX Pty Ltd
WDScott Wilson Hammond Group Pty Ltd
XTEK LimitedYTEK Pty Ltd
Zangold Pty Ltd t/as Explosive Protective EquipmentZBOB Engineering Pty Ltd
Zone Advanced Protection Systems
RPDE Associate Participants