Rapid Prototyping, Development
 and Evaluation Program
A joint Defence-Industry initiative
RPDE Accelerating Capbility Development

When the Australian Defence Force has complex, high-risk problems, Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation delivers the solutions.

We are a unique collaboration between Defence, industry and academia, bringing together the best and brightest from across the defence industry spectrum. When these forces join in a neutral, non-competitive environment, knowing that intellectual property and commercial interests are protected, the results are formidable.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Defence-Industry-Academia collaborate to address complex Defence capability development and modernisation issues. Our recent video (launched at Pacific Maritime Expo 2015) provides a snapshot of the breadth of what can be done when we give Defence access to the best people from the right organisations.

RPDE and the Defence Innovation Hub

As of December 2016, the functions and funding of the RPDE and its future models will come under the strategic guidance of the Defence Innovation Hub.

The Defence Innovation Hub is accessible through the Centre for Defence Industry Capability website at: www.business.gov.au/cdic or by calling business.gov.au on 13 28 46.